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On our Help article page you will find answers to your questions and the latest news from us.
If you still have any questions or just need support: info[at]

About us:
We are a small group of young people who want to make it easier to get hold of crypto currencies. Our entry into the crypto world was quite hard and therefore we want to simplify this. By offering the opportunity to get a few coins quickly and free. Altogether we are a team of 5 people. Mainly we come from Germany, Hamburg.
We hope that we can do our job well and continue to score with satisfaction. We always try to get suggestions or suggestions from the community accepted.

Automated account deleter:
An account is banned from our platform if there are two accounts with the same IP address.
We will not refund any lost coins or funds if an account is banned. The loss of the coins is self-inflicted.
If you have more questions please ask us.

4Stake is a Shared Masternode Service where you can earn masternode rewards and staking rewards.
You can deposit your earned crypto from to stake them there or to buy a masternode.
Especially for the currencies 404, Bitcoin, Dash and Dogecoin

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